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  1. Anna Orlikowska, born in Warsaw
    works in Amsterdam


    2016 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Master of Fine Arts, US
    2013 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, Bachelor of Fine Arts, NL

    2023 Het Cultuurfonds, Project Grant, NL
    2023 Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Stipend, NL
    2022 Fonds Kwadraat, Project Grant, NL
    2021 Mondriaan Fund, Bridging Grant, NL
    2020 Mondriaan Fund, Project Grant, NL
    2017 Mondriaan Fund, Young Talent, NL
    2016 Clarie Rosen and Samuel Edes Foundation Prize for Emerging Artists, Finalist Award, US
    2016 Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Project Grant, PL
    2014 Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds - Van Eck-Vollgraff Fonds, NL
    2014 Full Merit New Artist Society Scholarship Award, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, US
    2014 Graduate Dean Travel Grant, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, US
    2014 Copehnagen Exhibition Grant, Polish Embassy in Copenhagen, DK

    2024 EKWC (European Ceramic Workcenter), Oisterwijk, NL
    2022 Fonderie Darling, Montreal, CA
    2018 Eastside International (ESXLA), Los Angeles, US
    2017 Residency Unlimited, New York, US 
    2017 LES Studio Program, New York, US


    2023 If I were a bird, would I be able to say more? (performance), Framer Framed, Amsterdam, curated by Naz Kocadere, NL
    2020 Multisensory, Rosalia-Menagerie, Amsterdam, curated by Eveline Vondeling, NL
    2017 Re-eacting the contents of the box (performance), Randy Alexander Gallery, Chicago; collaboration with Jeff Prokash, US
    2016 Anna Orlikowska, April Martin, Elisabeth Van Loan, The Suburban, Milwaukee (trio), curated by Michelle Grabner, US
    2015 Can you hear me?, Centre for Contemporary Art U-jazdowski, Bank Pekao Project Room, Warsaw (solo), curated by Kaja PaweĊ‚ek, PL
    2014 The Eyes of the Skin, New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen (duo), DK

    2024 Test Case XXX, EKWC (European Ceramic Workcenter), Oisterwijk, NL
    2022 Open Studio, Fonderie Darling, Montreal, CA

    2019 Home Sequence, Amsterdam, NL
    2018  In your dreams they are not / words, Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal, DE
    2018 Prospects & Concepts, Art Rotterdam, NL
    2017 The Witnessing Event, El Museo de Los Sures, Brooklyn, New York, US
    2016 Can You Spit On Someone You Love, 3611 W Cermak, Chicago, US
    2016 SAIC MFA Graduation Show, Sullivan Galleries, Chicago, US
    2016 Page 2, exhibition in a form of a publication, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, NO
    2015 Material Immaterialities, Gallery Sector 2337, Chicago, US
    2015 Generation 2015, Looiersgracht 60, Amsterdam, NL
    2014 Open studios, SAIC, Chicago, NL
    2014 What is not yet, Galeria TAC, Rio de Janeiro, BR
    2013 Graduation Show, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, NL
    2013 Oasis, Casa do Povo, Sao Paulo, BR
    2013 A-symphony, Zone2Source, Amsterdam, NL
    2013 Opera playground, Mediamatic Fabriek, Amsterdam, NL
    2013 Freq_out, Sonic Acts, Amsterdam, NL
    2012 Stage It!, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, NL
    2012 Rietveld!, Holland Festival, Amsterdam, NL
    2011 Luminal, Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago, US
    2010 UnCut, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam, NL


    2015 Silent Lecture, Co-Prosperity Sphere, Chicago, US
    2015 As I speak, that moment belongs to the past, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, US


    2023 What are the words you don't have yet?, curated by Naz Kocadere, San Seriffe & Framer Framed, Amsterdam, NL
    2022 Unmoored and adrift and alive, performative publication, If I can’t dance I don’t want to be part of your revolution, Amsterdam, curated by Naomi Brooms and Michal Dawid, NL
    2018 Prospects&Concepts, Art Rotterdam, NL
    2016 Page 2, exhibition in a form of a publication, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, NO
    2015 Anna Orlikowska 'Can you hear me?,  exhibition catalogue, CCA Ujazdowski Castle, Warsaw, PL


    2019 Museumtijdshrijft, by Marina de Vries, nr 5 July-August, p.74-75, NL
    2018 Contemporary Lynx, April 2018, by Michal Sypien, UK
    2015 Independent Fashion Daily, January 2015, by Georgette Koning, DK
    2014 Kopenhagen Magasin, October 2014, by Michelle Korbo, DK
    2013 ArtReview, September 2013, by Claire Rigby, UK
    2013 Graduates 2013, Leaving Traces Magazine, by Willem Rieder, NL